Debbie Elicksen has 20+ years of direct media experience includes working in television, print, radio, and Internet media. She’s written and published 15 books, plus edited, ghosted, and project managed over 150 books; edited and project managed the creation and revamp of numerous websites; and has been published internationally in traditional and digital articles, newspapers, newsletters, and blogs.

As freelance sports media, Debbie Elicksen covered the National Hockey League and professional sports for over 20 years.  She covered the National Hockey League from Wayne Gretzky to Jonathan Toews, the National Lacrosse League, and major junior hockey. She has also covered and wrote for Hockey Canada. She had a weekly NHL column on; wrote and reported for The Fischler Report, ESPN/PA and Philadelphia Sportsticker, the New England Sports Journal, Associated Press, and more.

As an administrator, she was public relations director for a Triple A baseball team. Many of her books are on sports from a personal, behind the scenes angle.  

Besides having sat on the City of Calgary Sports Steering Committee, during her 18 years as a football administrator, she was the first woman to headman a football conference in Canada and was a league executive for six of those years. She has been president and assistant general manager of a football club; has lobbied for on-field and off-field league improvements; has overseen game day operations and business and football operations; managed equipment and team travel arrangements; negotiated coaching salaries, and even negotiated a team into the conference.

In Triple A baseball, she worked closely with the professional team and was responsible for overseeing game day operations, media liaison, and community events. She was a volunteer media liaison for the hockey committee during the Olympic Winter Games in Calgary.  

Some of her digital media accomplishments include publicity contracts for an Emmy-winning film producer in New York City to promote her film screening at the Monterey Jazz Festival and elsewhere; creating a digital footprint out of nothing for an entertainment company in Arizona; helping a comic book company substantially increase its Facebook profile from 3,000 to 30,000 followers during the 2012 San Diego Comic Con.

In co-creating the Internet web show Virtual Newsmakers with Cynthia K. Seymour from Miami, Florida (bridging traditional and digital communications), they have met and interviewed many interesting guests, such as the creator of R2D2 from Malta, a U.S Olympic gold medal athlete, a South African woman campaigning to save the rhinos, a digital civil rights attorney from California, a top Washington cloud computing expert who is part of a team responsible for on-boarding mission applications to the US Intelligence Community cloud computing environment, a professional female poker player, and many more.  

Debbie has worked both in front and behind the traditional and digital microphone strategizing, producing, and managing media, public relations, and marketing campaigns. She has been a member of the Canadian Association of Professional speakers and delivered keynotes, facilitation, and training to schools, universities, teachers’ conferences, speaking associations, and career development organizations.

Throughout her career, she worked with many high profile individuals: entertainers, athletes, and musicians, as well as corporate and digital leaders.