My locker room life


My Locker Room Life is a collection of personal sports stories from behind the scenes. The reader will have a guest seat on the bus, in the press box, on the field, in the training room, and on the player’s bench.

These stories include the National Hockey League, National Lacrosse League, Canadian Football League, Canadian Junior Football League, and more. You’ll hear from people like Steve Yzerman, Alondra Johnson, Kris Draper, Daniel Briere, Ken-Yon Rambo, Cassie Campbell, Kelly Kisio, Dave Dickenson, Shirley Fischler, and Sergei Fedorov.

These personal anecdotes provide an inside look at life in a locker room. You’ll also hear how one woman fought for access to the press box, paving the way for future generations of female reporters.


take back the internet


Cyberbullying Isn’t Just A Schoolyard Problem. Businesses and adults are also targets of cyberbullying and cyberlibel.

When there is a knowing and willful malicious act to discredit another person or business’ reputation through a website or web post — that is an act of cyberbullying. It is also defamation of character and an act of cyberlibel.

Cyberbullying and cyberlibel is a violation of both Canadian and American criminal codes. Cybercrimes are new to our police forces — some don’t even know what it is yet. But while few departments have the manpower and knowledge in pursuing such a case, it is important to document everything and even file a police report to use the case number, in case you need to file a libel suit down the road.

Take Back the Internet is a collection of posts to help you reclaim your Internet power and to kick the trolls to the curb where they belong.




I received letters from all over the world. Some sent photographs, some sent leads to other sources. Stories varied in detail, ranging from half page to five pages to personally published books. Some stories were vague and some included graphic details. In most of the stories, the elements of war in which these servicemen were reluctant to share had resurfaced. Those elements were a key to describing how mascots adapted to certain situations.

To remember a mascot in such detail after more than 50 years says a lot about the bond these men had shared. It’s true that some of those details may be sketchy and even a bit mixed up due to the aging of the veteran. I left their descriptions intact because it is how these men perceived their experiences. Because most have more than likely passed on by now, Anonymous is a small piece of their legacy.


publishing and marketing in the digital age


New developments and platforms present themselves every time you open a tab in your browser. New software, programs, media, and search engine optimization algorithms make it hard to keep up in the digital world. Publishers are evolving their business practices; in order for them to notice you, you need to have an existing reader following, marketing plan, and a good manuscript. The goal of this guide is to help you understand how new publishing works and to encourage you to have fun as you build your digital empire. Publishing & Marketing in the Digital Age will help you be seen and heard online, from explaining how to create your online profile, to how to market your book and find your target audience. It will prepare you for success as a publisher and marketer in the digital world.


business cyberbullies and how to fight back


In a matter of minutes, a reputation can be attacked and ruined online. Rumor-mongering, defamation, fake websites or sheer mischief with a business can cost you time, money and credibility. It isn’t easy to know how to stop the siege and how to combat the harmful effects of cyberbullying.

Business Cyberbullies gives you a step-by-step guide to protect your brand, restore your image, and deal with the predators attempting to undermine your business. Debbie Elicksen, an experienced author on digital issues, provides practical advice that will minimize the damage and maximize the response at the most effective time.


future prospects: an inside look at major junior hockey


Future Prospects gives you a birds-eye view as to what it was like to work and play in the Western Hockey League, Ontario Hockey League, and Quebec Major Junior Hockey League.

Ron Robison, who was Commissioner of the Western Hockey League, wrote the Foreword.

For this book, personal interviews were conducted with Fred Brathwaite, Patrice Brisebois, Valeri Bure, Tim Connolly, Nigel Dawes, Shean Donovan, Andrew Ference, Jiri Fisher, Ryan Getzlaf, Jarome Iginla, Jacques Lemaire, Doug MacLean, Mike Modano, Bob Nicholson, Mike Ricci, Richard Zednik, Radoslav Suchy, and more.


inside the NHL Dream


While most of the players and other personnel in this book may have retired or moved into other positions, the book still gives you a realistic peek at what life looks like behind the scenes of the National Hockey League. It goes deep into areas other books have never gone.

What happens in the general manager’s office right before he makes a trade? Who takes care of a player’s household after he reports to his new team? What does an agent do?

For this book, Jarome Iginla, Paul Kariya, Kelly Hrudey, Dwayne Roloson, Grant Fuhr, Mike Modano, Igor Kravchuk, Anson Carter, Dominik Hasek, Darius Kasparitis, Peter Maher, Mike Modano, Rob Niedermayer, James Patrick, Michael Peca, Dwayne Roloson, Teemu Selanne, and many more were personally interviewed.

Power skating instructor Audrey Bakewell wrote the Foreword. She has worked with the Edmonton Oilers and many of the players in yesterday’s and today’s NHL have passed through her school.

Inside the NHL Dream puts a human face on those who work inside the league.


positive sports: professional athletes and mentoring youth


Positive Sports was highlighted as a “must read” at the Admissions Conference in Toronto in the Fall of 2003.

The point of this book is to show that while we may only hear about the bad and criminal behavior of many of today’s players, the majority are like the people featured in this book.

Yes, there are some who have no idea of how good they have it, who do not appreciate the gift they have received in the ability to play the game they love. You have that in every job, every industry, every society. But the majority of the players, because drama doesn’t follow their lives, their philanthropic efforts are not usually seen. It’s a much sexier headline to talk about a player dragging his unconscious wife into an elevator than to acknowledge his teammate might have started a foundation that provides food and clothing to inner city communities.


loyalty, intensity, and passion


“Despite the burgeoning success of professional indoor lacrosse, few reporters, with one or two notable exceptions, understand the game well enough to write about it with excellence or insight. Deb Elicksen is among those few scribes who through their writing demand respect from players, management and fans alike. She knows boxla because she passionately follows the National Lacrosse League (mostly through the ups and downs of the Calgary Roughnecks); has the moxie to go into the locker room after games to talk to players, even when they’ve lost a home playoff game, and the common sense and social wherewithal to meet and mix with the athletes away from the arena. In short, Elicksen knows the NLL inside and out. Not surprisingly therefore, “Loyalty, Intensity and Passion” is a must read for those who love the fastest game in the world played on two feet.” Bob Poole, Calgary Roughnecks, 2005 NLL Public Relations

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