Digital Public Relations Training

The purpose of this educational program is to support and teach you how to use digital platforms to elevate your communications with your prospects and preferred clients so your business will thrive and be sustainable no matter what the market conditions.

This digital PR training program will help you:

  • Find and master effective ways to communicate your message, in a memorable and compelling manner directly to your preferred audience.

Become diligent in improving your processes to have your messages land in a way that inspires and motivates your preferred audience to take the next right step.

The Curriculum

How to Use Technology to Amplify Your Business

Although digital media is not purely social, it does have personal elements that are important to your consumer. It is technology that can be leveraged to elevate your business communications, public relations, marketing, and customer service elements. 

Your business team will learn the technical elements required to navigate each media and its reach.

Digital Public Relations Strategies

Your business team will learn to use critical thinking to break down strategic planning for the platforms you have decided are right for your products and services. You will also be able to integrate platforms, know how to post, what to post, and when to post.

Principles of Digital PR

Your business team will know how to apply Internet etiquette and how to recognize spam, phishers, trolls, and cyberbullies, and learn basic copyright issues.

Applications of Digital PR

Your business team will learn basic technology information, platforms are needed for successful navigation, and how to access places that local ISPs may be blocked from.

Workshops, Facilitation, Keynote Speaker, Media, Webcasts

  • Worked in front and behind the traditional and digital microphone

  • Have been a member of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers

  • Delivered keynotes, facilitation, and training to schools, universities, teachers’ conferences, speaking associations, and career development organizations

  • Google Hangouts on Air, YouTube, Periscope, Facebook Live, Blab, Spreecast, Screencastify, Spreaker

Past Presentations

Palliser Teachers’ Convention

Grant McEwan University

University of Calgary


Canadian Association of Professional Speakers

MKS Learning

Chinook Learning Services

Calgary Learns

Independent Publishers Association of Canada