Virtual Newsmakers is a webcast featuring everyday people who are bridging traditional and digital communications and empowering human communications through technology – people who are using technology to tell great stories.

The show’s purpose is to ensure the audience gains something productive from the conversation. What to do when… How to deal with… All of these shows are kept on a positive note.

Virtual Newsmakers is not like most news shows. The goal is to give people something worth listening to and provide immediate and insightful tips they can take away and implement into their business or lives that will make a difference.

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The show’s hosts are:

cynthia k. seymour

In 2008, Cynthia founded a social media consulting and marketing agency, After 12 years of sales and marketing, she jumped into the social media scene while developing teams during political campaign management and local lobbying. Today, she helps small businesses and busy professionals get up to speed with the latest trends in online marketing and social media skills. Her global team includes affiliations with graphic designers, creative web designers, and WordPress developers. She helps businesses develop the perfect social media strategy, create an online presence, attract new clients, and keep tabs on their existing business. In addition to coaching and strategy, she also teaches a graduate level course with Academy of Art University in the New Media and Web Design Department.

debbie elicksen

She is a content creator, out-of-the-box thinker, and has the ability to come up with creative, cool ideas organizations can use to engage their followers and help build their audience. Communications, writing, editing, publishing, interactive media, and marketing have been the mainstay of her business for the past several years. She has over 20 years of direct media experience, including working in television and Internet media, print, and radio. She spent several years working in both amateur and professional sports: as a professional sports writer covering the National Hockey League for over 20 years for several publications and sports services, including She was the first woman to ever headman a football conference in Canada (Prairie Football Conference), was PR Director for the Edmonton Trappers Baseball Club, and was a volunteer media liaison with the Hockey Committee during the 1988 Olympic Winter Games, and writes for the Hockey Canada Alumni Association.

lisa d. sparks

Lisa makes the Internet simple for small business owners through a proven system for reaching an audience and providing consistent results. She uses a comprehensive, step-by-step plan for outsourcing anything that’s not within the highest and best use of a client’s time; pulling in easy-to-convert leads; getting the most profitability out of every action; plus easy, affordable, no-hassle business systems. Her company, Verity Content, is a content development agency that focuses on providing comprehensive content strategies for consultants, public speakers and . It streamlines the content marketing efforts of clients so they get the most out of every idea, concept, article, blog post and social media post they create. Lisa also hosts the Be Heard podcast.