Audley Stephenson: Living a Bold Life Through Basketball

Audley Stephenson, aka The Audman, among his highlighted resume, spent five years of podcasting in the National Basketball Association with his show: The Breakdown with Dave and Audley. Today, he is the deputy commissioner of basketball operations for the National Basketball League of Canada. His podcast, The Audacious Living Podcast, features business, media, sports, and entertainment figures.

A major part of his passion for basketball stemmed from how it connects with the fans.

“If you’re watching on TV, you saw facial expressions and reactions. The NBA did a really good job of selling personnel. It really gave you an opportunity to meet players and understand them… There was a connection.”

Stephenson was able to get to know some of those players through his NBA podcast. His passion turned to help grow the sport in Canada. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that the Toronto Raptors have elevated the sport’s interest.

“In 2017, the National Basketball League board of directors appointed me the deputy commissioner of the league. Now I’m in an executive role and executive capacity, where the league that I started off as a volunteer, now I’m the vice president of basketball operations.”

Stephenson punctuates that the NBL and its relationship with the fans is what will help grow the league. That and continuously building grassroots basketball in Canada.

Here is the full interview.

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