Diana Krach: A Frank Conversation About Cannabis

Diana Krach’s podcast, Your Highness Podcast, is about uncomfortable conversations around cannabis. Discussions are about inclusiveness, accountability, equality, and women in the industry.

Diana Krach is a veteran journalist who covers the industry. She sheds light on issues that help educate and raise the consciousness of cannabis.

While Canada and Mexico have legalized cannabis federally, only 18 states in America have legalized cannabis recreationally, and 37 states have approved it medically. This creates many issues crossing federal and state borders.

Cannabis and Marginalized Communities

When it comes to those who were previously convicted of marijuana charges in states, even in Canada, before it was legalized, expungement on those charges is not a given. The people most affected seem to be the marginalized, who see the bulk of the convictions.

“Even going beyond the criminal conviction, what I worry about often, is the child custody implications, in America at least,” says Krach. “Black parents are targeted a lot more. It’s another system of oppression, where they’re taking children away, almost immediately, or they’re losing their ability to get back into their family.”

From neighbors, to social workers, to pediatricians, anyone might call social services, especially if they are against any use of any form of cannabis. It can also be used against parents in ugly custody cases.

The reality is there is no typical cannabis user. It can be a mother using CBD oil to help her through a difficult pregnancy when nothing else will work; a 92 year old woman who uses the cream to minimize her arthritis pain; or the terminally ill cancer patient, a person with a chronic illness, or the executive who likes the buzz he gets when he smokes it.

The best advice Krach has for those who are looking at trying any form of it for the first time is “go low and go slow.” Take a low dose to start. Medicinally, it takes a bit of time before you see any results.

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