Bridgetobridge Marketing Website


Write new copy for a completely renovated website with several new pages added. The copy had to speak to the Generation Z marketplace and reflect the stakeholder’s expertise. It also had to include the target markets of viniculture and finance.


Met with the client to get a sense of professional background, particularly the achievements that were not portrayed in the existing bio. Also used the company brochure for revamping the text and company vision. Researched viniculture – the state of the industry and to get a sense on what it needed to grow. Researched Gen Z terminology and found words that would be useful to add, and also looked for words that tied into the name “bridge.”


The graphic designer and I worked in tandem, where he found the perfect visuals to complement the language. The client was pleased with the result. The site became a great showpiece the company could use to more reflect their vision, expertise, and work ethic.