Cyberbullies Troll on Job Seeker’s Creative Resume

A lot of us can relate to Jamie Kyle. He’s a 28-year-old creative looking for work in London, United Kingdom. Job hunting is hard enough without a bunch of trolls trying to sabotage your efforts.

Kyle came up with a cool idea of handing out scratch cards to potential employers, where the prize was the ability to recruit a professional artist and illustrator. His idea was innovative enough to capture some positive attention in the socialsphere, including a Buzzfeed post.

Enter Reddit, which seemed to give him the most grief. Posting examples of his work there triggered an onslaught of haters.

One can never appease, or erase, the hateful posts of a cyberbully, even when you just want to apply for a job.

This Mirror story offers up some help for those who might find themselves in a similar position.

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