Cybersecurity Is A Start Against Business Cyberbullying

Project Blitzkrieg

When is the last time you updated Windows, Mac, your software, antivirus, checked your firewall, did a Disk Cleanup, or cleaned out your Internet history? At the bare minimum, these are your basic tasks to securing your system.

Leaving all of these items unchecked means your computer is at risk for outside hackers, your performance will suffer, and your laptop and desktop may ultimately shut down when it collects too much cache.

If you are still running on Windows XP (which Microsoft no longer updates as of early this year), you have now put your entire network at risk. Merry Christmas, you just invited hackers into your company and clients’ computer systems.

If your company has not updated its computers, system, or security since they were purchased in 2010, you have just put all your suppliers and their suppliers at risk.

You can no longer afford to drive the Internet without up-to-date insurance. If you do, it’s like leaving the doors to your house and your car wide open as you head out for a Hawaii vacation. Your not understanding technology isn’t an excuse. Find or hire someone who does.

The stakes are high. We’ve seen many examples of late, including Target, Winners/TJ Maxx, and Home Depot. They put all their customers at risk for identity fraud and financial hacks.

While in the back of our minds, we might expect that something could happen with retailers whose investment in computer systems is so far down the line of priorities, it may not exist. Where we are surprised is when it happens to a digital savvy firm, one that produces digital content and products that we view our digital content on. This is why the Sony attack is huge. If it can happen to that organization, it can happen to any of us.

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