Griefing disrupts more than the video game player’s environment, it wreaks havoc on administrators. 
Game developers are forced to activate wasteful resources to combat trolls in the online gaming world. It’s not something they can ignore if they want to keep their players happy and safe, or bottom line, keep their players.
In its page resource to tutor players about griefing, Minecraft admits there are drama lovers who think it is okay. The fact one or two people like it shouldn’t mean the game experience has to be miserable for the rest.
The griefer chief aim is to destroy, vandalize, spam chat, abuse, corrupt, and hack the user environment. 
A player can minimize their impact by:
  • Installing available plugins created to help combat them. 
  • Not handing out your password and seriously vet anyone you plan to assign administration duties and access permission to.
  • Use common sense when interacting.

Here is another link from World of Warcraft about griefing.

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