How to Piss off Your Trolls

How dare you.

What were you thinking? You know when you post an opinion about anything, some troll is going to crap in your space. It might even be someone you like.

There are other Internet trolls whose mission from their perceived god is to make life as miserable and ugly as possible for others. Why? Because they have nothing better to do. They’d rather get all up in your space than find a life of their own. All you have to do is be breathing.

Some trolls are outright cyberbullies. They don’t just post contrary and negative opinions or get personal and tell you you’re ugly, fat, nobody loves you, or whatever. They’ve got to take it a step further and cross that line to cyber-crime and purposefully try to destroy your online reputation and business.

The universal response for all three types of trolls is ignore. Do not respond. They live for that. If you do, the conversation will escalate and you will have dug yourself an impossible trench. However, if the comment is really ugly, or if it is a cyberslur, delete it and block that person from being able to post in your space again.

But do you want to know what really pisses off a troll? Ignoring their existence, for one. Going about your business as if nothing ever happened, for another. What this does is two things. One: it allows you to take control of your own Internet, regardless of what others may say about you. Two: You absolutely can’t let them win.

Any response or acknowledgement you provide to an ugly post means they win. So stop it. Don’t do it. If you have to sit on your hands, scream at the ceiling, and chisel the block button — never let them see they have got your goat. It isn’t easy. It may hurt like hell, but your only hope of sanity is to piss them the hell off.

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