‘It’s F–king Stolen’

Yes, Sony was hacked and it was bad. Do you want to know what is worse? The media publishing the material they received as a result of the hack.
Just because it is Hollywood and too good to pass up on learning the dirty little secrets behind closed doors, somehow it is okay for even the most trusted news sources to publish private emails and material for all to see because it involves A-list public figures.
Target and Home Depot were hacked, too. Did the media publish the social insurance numbers and internal communications from those executives? Will they do it if a bank or insurance company gets hacked? 
Seth Rogan is right. It stinks and with regards to the material being published: “It’s F–king Stolen.”
This is no different than publishing the hacked photos from the private files (that were not publicly shared by the subjects) of Jennifer Lawrence and other celebrities. It’s slimy and if hacking is a crime, perhaps publishing hacked material is also a crime. 

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