Logistics Beyond Measure


They made Inc Magazine‘s 2022 Inc5000 list as one of the fastest growing private US companies. However, Vector Global Logistics does more than move goods from one place to another. Its mandate is people: people who work for the company, its suppliers, its partners, and people who need a helping hand.

You might recognize the name of this company if you have watched the Locker Room for Growth show over the past year and a half. We interviewed its cofounder and managing director Enrique Alvarez back in June 2022. One of the reasons we wanted him on the show was because of their Logistics with Purpose campaign and experience in delivering supplies to conflict zones.


Vector partnered with SERV International, who are on the ground in war-torn Ukraine to receive supplies and coordinate distribution efforts. Yaroslav Hnatusko who works with Restore Ukraine is one of those people with boots on the ground. They convert warehouses into shelters, distribute food to displaced citizens of Ukraine, and more.

This effort has helped ship over 670,000 pounds supplies into some of the most desperate areas of Ukraine. Besides food, construction, hygiene, medical, and other necessities — so many people have partnered together to make a difference in an impossible conflict zone.


Including individuals from SERV International and Restore Ukraine, Vector hosts regular monthly Zoom meetings and invites anyone who has an interest in helping those in need in Ukraine. Engineers, information technology experts, electricians, volunteers who gather donations to load onto a shipping container — everyone comes together for a single purpose: help Ukraine.


While they are not broadly publicized, these efforts have received the attention of those whose business it is to notice when something good is happening. goBeyondProfit announced Vector Global Logistics as its 2022 Champion award for its humanitarian efforts.

“The war in Ukraine is not only a humanitarian crisis, but also a significant supply chain crisis as well,” said Enrique Alvarez. “For us, we feel a personal responsibility to offer our unique logistics capabilities as part of the solution, connecting suppliers, clients, local governments, even our competitors together in order to deliver much needed aid.”

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