Madalyn Sklar: The A-Side of Twitter


She’s one of Twitter’s most recognizable frontwomen. Madalyn Sklar is one of the most giving, and successful digital marketers you will ever meet. A sift through just a few of her tweets will make your Twitter space smarter by at least 20%.

While Sklar knows how to riff a tweet, she is also a champion of indie music artists. Her GoGirls Music has empowered numerous musicians with a community that embraces and helps them grow and get better gigs.

A music coach, social media consultant and strategist, founder of the GoGirls Music Fest, Invasion of the GoGirls, and TwitterSmarter, the Huffington Post has named Sklar as one of 50 Women Entrepreneurs to Follow. She is also ranked as the number one Social Media Power Influencer in Houston, Texas.

Her digital media career began in early 2008, before anyone even knew what digital media was. She started out as a web designer and evolved into social media. She saw the Internet as a powerful community-builder.

“I was just doing it because I understood how it worked. I kept learning as these platforms were changing, and then I would share what I was learning with everyone.”  

Sklar especially loved Twitter because it allowed you to connect and have a conversation with anyone, even celebrities and CEOs.

“Twitter really complements how I like to put content out — just short to the point, no fluff. It’s a great community to connect.”

She cautions companies who put an unproven and inexperienced intern in charge of social media. It could hurt their business, especially if the intern is not well versed with dealing with customer service.

“These days people jump on to their social media, especially a platform like Twitter, to complain about a problem with a company. I can remember about 15 years ago, tweeting UPS, where’s my package?”

Twitter is the modern-day 1-800 number. However, there is one truth about Twitter and every other digital platform: they are continuously changing. That means, according to Sklar, we as users, have to be constantly learning.

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