Canada Pavilion


Liaise with the Canadian government project manager and agency to coordinate media activities for a large trade booth at the Calgary Stampede, which showcased five or six government services. Our job was to initiate contact with, plan, and coordinate the presence of media at the Canada Pavilion.


We performed ongoing mainstream media canvassing to promote the Pavilion, booked interviews, solicited news coverage, created a press release, a photo shoot for opening and minister visits, and checked in with the Pavilion manager daily. We arranged to have a photographer on call to be ready for shoots of unscheduled minister visits.


We were able to find storylines for some of the government services and enticed some coverage of the Pavilion’s interactive features. With the event being held 10 days during the busiest media event of the year, we were able to capture some coverage. Subsequently, we were awarded the contract for five subsequent years until the project was disbanded by the government.