The show:

Locker Room for Growth is about planting seeds of inspiration. Interviews are with compelling people who have set the tone for living with a positive attitude. Stories include rags to riches, personal demons and challenges that were overcome; entertainment, music and sports celebrities; unique careers and aspects of humans.

Interview style:

The Actor’s Studio meets Rachel Maddow. Human-centric interviews.


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Feedback from Guests:

This is by far the most raw and honest interview I’ve done. 

David Kitchen, Leadership Development, Edge Leadership Academy

I have learned that Debbie is no marshmallow and does not toss softball questions.

Tonya McKenzie. CEO, Sand & Shores, Los Angeles County Commissioner

I don’t think I have ever felt so at ease (and challenged) to talk about music, music therapy, and mental health! Thank you, Debbie, for the opportunity to share about my world – and my new book. YOU are fantastic. Your questions were so thought-provoking and carefully curated to my industry. 🙂 

Jennifer Buchanan. Music Therapist

The (Ryan) Walter interview (for Locker Room for Growth) is BEYOND BRILLIANT. FAR BEYOND. For starters, you are beautiful as interviewer and person; it’s all there. Terrific questions and arresting to me. You’ve done such a tremendous job; I couldn’t be more proud of you. I’m more than impressed.

Stan Fischer, The Hockey Maven. Emmy-winning Broadcaster, Author of +100 Books, US Hockey Hall of Fame Inductee