Cybercriminal Minds and the Predatory Troll

The predatory troll’s mission is to destroy you, your business, and your relationships. There is no remorse. The actions are planned. A target can only carry on as if they don’t exist, or at least try. There is no reasoning. In fact, if you try to contact a predatory troll, or respond, they will escalate their attack. This isn’t a whim, or a temporary thing. The predatory troll can dedicate years to the destruction of a human.

Dr. Michael Nuccitelli says, “Often times, (the predatory troll) will try to manipulate and encourage others to join him. They provoke you. They go after your friends, your family, your business associates. If you’re in college, a religious organization, they will go after every aspect of your online and offline life in order to completely character assassinate you.”

This iPredator is part of the list of online cyber predators that Nuccitelli has studied for at least the past 12 years. He calls it the dark side of human consciousness. Interestingly, the vast majority of iPredators are not psychopaths.

According to Nuccitelli, “The psychopath is an individual that doesn’t experience remorse, does not experience guilt, and experiences no shame.”

A child cyberbully will attack another child for peer acceptance. A bully needs to assert their dominance. It’s about power and control. The adult predatory troll or cybercriminal looks to completely destroy you as a human being, online and offline.

When you are the target, understand it is real. The fear you experience is real. Not everyone is going to believe you.

“They’re either not going to believe you or minimize your experience, and that feels like you’re being revictimized.”

It’s not easy. You have to be careful not to obsess. There are steps you can take to heal, and also, to create more online content to help balance the bad.

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