After I penned my first book Inside the NHL Dream, I received frequent email queries about writing a book. I declared to become a publishing expert and journeyed into being the person who could project manage the entire process of book publishing, from raw manuscript to finished printed book.


I took a person’s raw manuscript, edited it, and formatted it into book format via Word document. I also applied for the ISBN and Cataloguing in Print numbers if the client was in Canada. Once a manuscript was approved, I worked with graphic designers that were familiar with books, and through coordination with the client, came up with a layout and cover design. Then I edited the layout and solicited print costs. Once the client approved, I coordinated the file delivery to the printer. When the proof was approved, the books were delivered via the printer to the client.


I worked on over 150 books for various authors, self-published and traditional. Some of those books became bestsellers, and I have coordinated the reprint of some of them.