Ross Henson: Door Salesman Dave and Other Fun Projects


Ross Henson writes scripts with clear vision, signature transitions, and has a wonderful sense of storytelling.

He’s an actor, screenwriter, producer, and comedian who also dances and sings creates commercials and who some might know as Crazy Legs, The Children’s Entertainer.

Henson’s production company, Hense Films has produced award winning projects, including his latest short film, Door Salesman Dave. His unique sense of style can also be seen in his Ross the Boss sitcom series.

“The creativity just comes out,” Henson describes his screenwriting process. “It’s a spur of the moment thing that gets me started. I like to see people laugh.”

Henson isn’t just a one-man show. He has a team behind him, many who are very good at finding solutions to problems. They see problems as solutions they just haven’t fixed yet.

The creative industry was just one of several affected by pandemic lockdowns. For many in the entertainment industry, everything stopped dead overnight. For Henson, it wasn’t all bad. While he wasn’t immune from struggling times, he was able to sit back and reflect on creative tasks he could do while he was home.

“I went and did a couple of commercial shoots and made a couple of videos. Creating commercials gave me another outlet for using my time and experience, teaching myself how to shoot with a camera, how to get the right exposure, the aperture, technical things you need when you’re using that equipment.”

That task of learning is what other creatives might take into consideration when they are making a film, whether they are the screenwriter, actor, or serve in another role. By knowing a little bit about everything, that also helps the director. When it comes to color, correction, and color grading, Henson knows enough to get what he needs. It helps him solve set problems.

Before its release, Hense Films’ Door Salesman Dave is already a 2021 award winner. It won an Award of Recognition from IndieFest and won a Vegas Movie Award for Best Supporting Actor.

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