Tahiera Monique Brown: Insight on Domestic Abuse

Her story is more than her past. It’s about the present and the future, which is where her production company, Darkness to Light Films, has birthed its name. She is also the author of Annihilator of Innocence and Hunger Pains In Our Heads.

Tahiera Monique Brown is all about helping others, particularly survivors of domestic abuse. She created a talk show: Living True and True Living, which looks at real people, real stories, and real issues. That said, Tahiera’s story is difficult to describe, except that it would make even the most chilling thriller movie cringe on its heels.

Held Captive

A man, who had been stalking her at her workplace for months, found a way to abduct Brown and her children, and they were held captive for over two years. Once she was free, she used her knowledge of domestic abuse as her super power. She turned it around to help others in tough situations.

Domestic abuse is often misunderstood. Many times, the finger is pointed at the captive — why didn’t she/he leave? It doesn’t matter the cultural or financial status of a person, when they feel trapped, they can’t see another way out.

“I always tell people, the hardest people to save are the ones that are in love. They love their abusers. The more you go in and try to save them, not only are you trying to save them, but they are also trying to save their abusers. Their abusers are the ones that pay the bills.”

Many of those inside domestic abuse are held in place by fear. They know that if an escape doesn’t work, when the cop leaves the door after a neighbor makes a call, those can be the most dangerous times. Their lives are on the line.

Brown used her skills as a filmmaker to inspire others into living their best lives. Throughout the years, her spirit has kept her in tact, despite the trauma. She epitomizes resiliency.

Here is the full interview.

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